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Website Integrations & Automations: Go from Meh to Mighty

Hey there, fellow small business owner! Are you still rocking that old website from the Stone Age? In today’s digital age, having a modern and efficient website can not only help you expand your reach, but it can also do more work for you. This can be through integrations and automation added to your website with 3rd party platforms and services. You can spin your wheels less and do more of what you like to do in your business. So, let’s dive into how a modern website can effortlessly do more work for you.

Integrations for Appointment Bookings

Aaah playing email or phone tag with clients just to book or change an appointment. Say goodbye to all that hassle! Integrate with an appointment booking system that saves you time and that headache. Some calendar programs even have a free version including Calendly, very robust platforms like Acuity Scheduling. There are also WordPress plugins that offer scheduling like Booking Calendar and more. More robust appointment platforms including Acuity Scheduling offer a variety of client-payment-scenarios by product, event/workshop bookings, cancellation policies, lead time, buffer time, email & SMS reminders.

By integrating with a scheduling platform, customers can simply hop online, select a time slot that works for them, and voila – their appointment is booked! They can also edit their appointment within a certain time frame. It’s like having a personal assistant, minus the cost!

Web Forms to Digitize Paper Processes

Are you swimming in a sea of paperwork, waiting for snail mail, or taking up time coordinating with your client to complete the intake form process? Say goodbye to that clerical stuff! With web forms on your website, you can digitize your paper processes and simplify your workflow. Whether it’s client intake forms, feedback forms, or registration forms, you can streamline everything through your website. No more searching for misplaced papers or deciphering messy handwriting – it’s time to embrace the digital revolution! There is also great spam and bot protection these days too. I use a lifetime business license for Gravity Forms which has a bunch of added bells and whistles to it too like csv file export, converting the intake form to a PDF, emailing notifications to the customer and you, payments, and much more.

Web Forms for Hassle-Free Contact Requests

a lot of random spam emails? Are you skeptical if someone’s email is a real person in need of your service or are they waiting your time? A user-friendly Contact Me webform can standardize the questions you need to know about the person reaching out to you. It can kind of pre-qualify the person before they hit the submit button. The benefit to this is instead of exposing your email address, there will be less pesky spambots. Gravity Forms also has a built in addon to further limit spam as well. Customers can easily fill out the form any time of day or night on your site, and you receive their inquiries immediately without the headache of sifting through irrelevant spam emails. It’s like having a bouncer protecting your digital doorway.

Payments Made Easy

Who needs to chase after customers for payments when your website can handle it for you? By integrating a secure payment system, your website can collect payments effortlessly. Whether it’s for products, services, or even subscriptions, customers can simply click a button and make the payment on your website. Goodbye, back and forth and waiting for the invoice to be paid. It also assists with conversion because you get the more instant purchasers, gift purchasers, as well as Abandoned Cart email opportunity. I have integrated with free and paid email marketing platforms to send out abandoned cart emails. My current goto is MailerLite (<-affiliate link) because their free account offers the most advantages compared to other free email marketing platforms, they are very easy to use and set up email automations, email collection forms, and creation of emails is a nice drag and drop and easy editing experience.

Automate Sales, Cross-Sells and Upsells, Abandoned Cart messages with an Online Store & Email Marketing

Ever dreamt of having a store that never closes? Well, with an online store on your website, your dreams can become reality! Your physical operation might have set hours, but your website can work around the clock. Customers can browse, explore, and purchase products whenever it suits them. It’s like having an army of salespeople working tirelessly for you, even in your sleep. With added email integration you can also have any further detailed information and action items sent to them immediately. Abandoned Cart emails can remind them of whats in their shopping cart and even offer a discount if that helps nudge them.

The Chatbot Revolution

Let’s face it, customers love instant gratification, and that’s where chatbots shine! These friendly little helpers can engage customers in real-time, answering common questions, and providing assistance. No more playing phone tag or waiting for an email response. Chatbots offer a seamless and interactive experience, improving customer satisfaction and freeing up your time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Blog Articles for SEO Stardom

Did you know that informative and engaging blog articles can do wonders for your website’s search engine visibility? By producing relevant content with keywords that your target audience is searching for, your website can climb the ladder of search engine results pages. This means more eyes on your website, more potential customers, and more opportunities for growth. It’s like having a secret marketing weapon that attracts attention even while you binge-watch your favorite show.

Your Website Has 24/7 Availability to Work for You

So there you have it – a glimpse into how a modern website can do more work for you than you ever imagined. From appointment bookings and online payments to chatbots and SEO-optimized blog articles, an efficient website can be your superhero sidekick, working tirelessly to supercharge your business 24/7. So, don’t let that old website hold you back any longer. It’s time to upgrade to a website that works as hard as you do. Your business deserves it, and you deserve the extra peace of mind knowing your website has got your back. Happy business building!

If I can help with figuring out ideal automation for your website based on your unique business experience – please reach out!

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