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Unveiling the Status of Search: Key Insights from Semrush’s State of Search 2023 Study

The State of Search 2023 study by Semrush offers an analysis of Google updates, search behaviors, and SEO activities. Read the full report here.

Envision Web Designers Salida - Custom Website Designs, Hosting and Organic SEO - The State of Search 2023 by SEMRush

A compelling statement I read in the report was “The importance of having a robust digital strategy with high-quality content is obvious here, putting businesses under greater pressure to invest in SEO and content. This could put small businesses at greater risk if they are not able to compete with the superior budgets of bigger brands.”

My takeaways:

1️⃣ Investing in SEO strategy helps optimize your online performance. And if you don’t invest, your risk is your competitor that invests will outperform you.

2️⃣ While ‘Informational Content’ is still at the top of why searchers go to google (educational, articles, informational pages) – it declined a bit, while Commerce/transactional increased. So is/will/can your site be Commerce or Transactional in any way? Think about that maybe being a yes and make it SEO optimized.

3️⃣ Traffic trends: The study analyzed industry-specific changes. Industries such as electronics, beauty, media, & food experienced growth in online search traffic. If you are in this industry, make sure your SEO is optimal – get ahead on that curve!

4️⃣ Despite the challenges of small businesses to compete with larger brands that have superior budgets, there was still a significant number of new websites appearing in Google’s search results. Small businesses have the opportunity to establish a presence and improve their visibility through effective SEO strategies – like organic SEO optimization.

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