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What I love about Divi Theme & Website Builder

Black Friday is coming and Elegant Themes is launching a multi-day Black Friday sale on their site, including the chance to win an iMac and a year free of the Divi AI membership. You know I already signed up! I thought I’d take the opportunity to share not only their sale, but what I enjoy the most about the Divi theme and Divi Builder.

So what’s to love about Divi?

First off I like that Divi has both a back-end builder and also a front-end visual builder. 

The back-end builder experience

If you are a mind that loves puzzles and pieces: you can quickly and efficiently navigate the back-end of their editor. You can easily duplicate anything from sections to modules in a half a second. You can save entire pages to your Divi Library (on-site or in the cloud) from this space too. It’s great for fast handling.

The front-end Divi visual builder experience

But if you are the visual type and prefer to interact with it from like a word-document vibe, you are one button click away from the visual editor. Its pretty intuitive with it’s color coding for sections vs rows vs modules for drilling into each module for further editing.

The Divi Theme Editor

It’s actually super easy to edit the Divi theme within its own dedicated panel which offers a ton of options and is very user friendly. I am not a developer… I do not want to edit theme files ever.. which Divi does not require of me. I also don’t want to click around in weird old WordPress places to edit the theme. I want to be able to add something to the Head of the site without having to go into a clunky and intimidating theme editor space. I want to be able to clear the theme’s cache easily if a content or menu update is not showing on the front-end. I CAN get all of that from Divi’s theme editor section with ease. 

The Divi Community

Divi is created by Elegant Themes and there is quite a large Divi community of users out there, from regional in-person and online Divi Meetups, to Facebook groups of Divi website developers to help you out with any creative gaps you have at the moment. If you have website design business process, technical and design questions I highly recommend the coaching group I joined a year ago called Break Into Web (love them!!)

One might ask whats better, Divi or Elementor?

My short answer is they each offer value from a building and managing perspective. I have a lifetime business license to Divi so my client’s themes will never become outdated. Thats a huge relief for my clients mental burden down the road. Divi felt more user friendly from a building perspective and I really like the way Elegant Themes as a company communicates, and I also love other Divi-centric companies like Divi Life and Divi Supreme. I’ve been told by a couple SEO experts that the Divi Theme site speed is not as fast as Elementor….. I have made many websites on both Divi and Elementor – and I haven’t been able to prove that one was consistently speedier than the other. The A/B testing nerd in me says to actually prove this one must create the exact same site – with the same plugins, images, content and hosting service – THEN I will have a clearer answer based on a real test method. Alas, I only wish I had the free time. One day you’ll find me posting a blog article from the tropics with my drink in a coconut, feet in the sand, laptop at my side, and I’ll do that test. For now, I’m in my office with a overly-sweet coffee and I’ve got to get back to work now.

Have any questions or comments about Websites and/or Divi? Send a message.

Thanks for reading!

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