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How to drive more traffic to your site

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Wondering how to get more traffic to your site?

It is excellent that you are asking this question – because exploring and making actionable changes will differentiate your business from the competition. With more organic traffic, you now have a larger audience to try to convert into paying customers.

A constellation of issues can weigh heavily on a small business site
However, the following are the recurring issues I see during my website audits:

The site lacks adequate SEO optimization or online marketing strategies

This leads to low traffic on your site, as Google, Bing, internet searchers, simply don’t know you exist.

A good website without traffic is like a salesperson talking to an empty room.

Poor website conversion rates

Even with decent traffic, converting visitors into leads or customers can be another hurdle.
Sub-optimal layouts, unclear calls to action, or irrelevant content can all contribute to visitors bouncing away from your site without engaging. High bounce rates can hurt your overall SEO ranking as well as this signals to Google people are not getting what they need.

Lack of fresh website content

Static sites with stale information quickly lose power with returning visitors and with Google.
Regularly adding SEO-optimized content like blog posts that truly answer the questions your audience asks, relevant products with optimal descriptions, and/or case studies – all this keeps users coming back and improves SEO ranking. Google processed major updates the past 2 years. Learn more about E-E-A-T at this post.

Mobile responsiveness

The majority of internet traffic is on a mobile device now. Every time I check a site’s device stats I see upwards of 75% mobile traffic.

Non-responsive websites are guaranteed to repel organic SEO, traffic, and conversions. If they can’t read content without zooming in, or it’s not super clear and guided on how to purchase or contact you – your site is not in a healthy space.

How to fix this?

Get a website optimization audit or choose to build a new optimized site with someone experienced in:
1. Website design

2. User experience

3. Organic SEO, and

4. Conversion optimization

An optimized site can increase leads and sales, build brand trust and credibility, and gain a competitive edge

Does your website need optimization?

Contact me for a comprehensive website audit so you can get more organic traffic and more conversions.

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